999 Door 3: Shower Room Walkthrough

999 Door 3

Welcome to the Door 3 Puzzle Room Guide, a detailed walkthrough to assist Junpei and his companions as they traverse through the intricate Shower Room challenge. You will reach this room after completing the first class cabin room 5. This step by step guide will help you get through the shower room without getting caught on any of the puzzles.

Door 3 Room Guide

Gathering Items and Discovering Initial Clues

  1. Turn towards the row of toilet stalls. On the upper-left shelf, find toilet paper with red marks and a bottle of luminol.
  2. Investigate the left stall to obtain a bucket and a broom. This triggers a conversation between June and Junpei about their shared past with rabbits.
  3. In the middle stall, find a screwdriver hidden inside the water tank and a stain inside the toilet bowl.
  4. Retrieve the red key card from the water tank in the rightmost stall.
  5. Turn right to locate a thermometer on the wall. Use the screwdriver to remove it, unveiling the word “open” at the bottom, signifying that an increase in temperature will open something.

Solving the Thermometer Puzzle and Pipe Puzzle

  1. Turn to the showers and use the thermometer on them. The thermometer opens, revealing a piece of paper with the clue “957+”.
  2. Under the showers, find a small area with pipes that need to be arranged in a specific order.
  3. Turn to the wall with “LLR” written on it and spray luminol. Use the light switch on the wall to reveal glowing letters saying, “LLRLRL”.
  4. Turn the lights back on and open the pipe box located under the showers. Arrange the valves from left to right as LLRLRL (left, left, right, left, right, left).
  5. Turn left and inspect the drain on the floor, now full of water.

Gathering Key Cards and Solving the Clues

  1. Remove the drain lid and pick up the Mercury key card.
  2. Use the empty bucket to collect hot water from the showers.
  3. Return to the toilets and go to the middle stall. Pour hot water into the water tank, then tap the tank to flush the toilet. This removes the stain in the toilet bowl, providing the clue “185+”.
  4. Combine the broom with the toilet paper to obtain the final clue, “634+”.

Calculating the Code and Unlocking the Exit Door

  1. Combine the clues: “634+957+185=”. Adding the numbers gives you 1776.
  2. Go to the exit door. Slide the red card through its reader and then swipe the blue Mercury card.
  3. Enter the code “1776” and press “E” to open the door and leave the room.

Upon completing the Door 3 Puzzle Room, Junpei, Lotus, and Seven will automatically proceed through the Number 2 door. The Shower Room was quite the challenge, but you are now one step closer to unraveling the mystery. Good luck with your future puzzles!

Door 3 Room FAQ

How do I reveal the hidden message on the LLR wall in the Door 3 Shower Room?

Spray luminol on the wall with the LLR writing and turn off the light switch nearby. The glowing letters will reveal the previously hidden message “LLRLRL”.

How do I get the Mercury key card in Door 3 Room?

After completing the pipe valve puzzle by arranging the valves as LLRLRL, turn left and inspect the now-water-filled floor drain. Remove the drain lid, and you will find the Mercury key card inside.

How can I remove the stain in the middle toilet bowl in Door 3 Room?

Fill a bucket with hot water from the showers. Take the bucket of hot water to the middle toilet stall and pour it into the water tank. Tap the tank to flush the toilet, which will remove the stain and reveal the clue “185+”.

What is the combination code to open the exit door in Door 3 Shower Room?

Combine all three obtained clues: “634+”, “957+”, and “185+”. Adding these numbers together equals 1776. Enter 1776 and press “E” to open the exit door.

How do I solve the pipe valve puzzle in the Door 3 Shower Room?

Using the hidden message from the LLR wall (“LLRLRL”), go to the pipe box under the showers. Arrange the valves from left to right according to the message: left, left, right, left, right, left.

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