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Easy Way To Earn Coins In Forager

Money makes the world go around, well it buys you land in this world. Land aint cheap either, so you are going to need very deep pockets if you want to be able to purchase all the land in this...
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Best Strategy To Grind Gems In Forager

Gemstones are one of the most important resources in the game for many reasons. They can be sold for lots of money and they are also a key crafting ingredient for the high end items. Royal steel/cloth require lots of...
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How To Level Up Quickly In Forager

Gaining levels is a critical part of this game as it grants you skill points that you can spend unlocking new buildings and features of the game. If you are just starting out it might feel like gaining levels is...
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Mining Rod

The mining rod is a bit of a mystery building when you are first starting out. The name doesn’t give you much of a clue as to what it is. After I first built one I was a little disappointed...
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Once you build a bank, it will produce money every few seconds. You do not need to supply it with gold or anything. It will only produce one piece of gold at a time though. There is a skill you...
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If this were Minecraft, a vault would be the same thing as a chest. The only difference is you can’t store as much stuff in it. Vaults are a way for you to take some stuff out of your inventory...
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Flower Press

The flower press will allow you to construct organic materials. Some are useful and some not so much. The most useful thing you can build in a flower press is land. So rather than having to use rafts to cover...
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The factory is a very important building but if this is your first time playing, you will want to know what a factory actually does. This building requires a lot of rare and expensive resources to build. You want to...
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A shrine is unlocked under the magical skill tree. Once constructed a shrine will allow you to enable an enchantment that will give you a power up for a short period of time. Things like faster movement, more XP from...
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Expanding Your Colony Efficiently

Expansion of your colony is critical but also comes at a price, many in fact. The larger your colony, the larger the area you need to build defenses for. Unlike other games, there is an additional price to pay when...