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SPOILER! Question about Final Fantasy XV Story

Does ignis get his eye sight back? He was my go to guy with his healing ability and now that he is blind my strategy has gone out the window. If he doesn't get it back, is there any way that I can continue to use his regroup ability to heal everyone? 

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August 5th, 2017 3:07 pm
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This really annoyed me too. I used his regroup ability all the time. In fact I had some tactics that relied on me being able to get pulled out if danger without any notice. The news is good and bad. In terms of story progression, he does not get his eye sight back. If you don't want spoilers don't read any more.

Later on in the game, once shit hits the fan, you will be in a camp ready to progress to the end game sequence. There is a caravan nearby where you can talk to the girls there and she teleports you back in time before things got bad. Once you travel back, ignis will have his sight back and everything will be as good as it was before. 

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June 29th, 2017 4:41 pm
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