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Do you need to destroy all Divine Beasts before killing Gannon?

Is there any real need to kill all of the Divine Beasts before going on to fight Gannon? I stumbled into Hyrule Castle and it seems like I can go ahead and start the fight. I'll need more health and weapons, but is there any need to kill all Divine Beasts before fighting Gannon?

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December 31st, 2017 11:40 am
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You do not need to kill all of the Divine beasts, but It is a good idea to do it for 2 reasons. First is that you will get a unique ability for killing each one of them. Some are better than others, but I used Revalis Gale to get past a lot of enemies on the lead up to the castle door. The second advantage is a bit of a spoiler, so beware!

Minor Spoiler Ahead - When you kill a divine beast it will shoot a sort of laser over to the castle. When you begin the battle with Gannon, these lasers will all hit him and damage him. I entered the fight with all 4 beasts killed and it took away half of his health. It is a tough enough boss fight, so having half his health gone was a major advantage. 

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December 31st, 2017 11:39 am
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