Clams are the premium currency to use in The Quest For Stuff and unfortunately they are hard to come by. If you want more clams you are going to have to buy them. For those of us who are to cheap to pay for Golden Clams there are other ways to obtain them. Follow this guide for an easy way to get golden clams.

The tutorial at the start of the game will guide you through playing the game and in the process should give you a dozen or so golden clams to get you started.

The first thing you net yourself a handy 5 clams is to open the friend tab and connect the game to Facebook. You will be awarded the clams as soon as you do this and if you don’t like having the game connected you can simply remove it from your Facebook account once you have gotten the clams.

Ollieland is a way to get a constant stream of free golden clams. You can visit Ollieland the same way you visit Facebook friends. Once there you can do 3 jobs, 1 of these jobs almost always returns you with a golden clam. I check back often and there may be jobs but I have no been getting clams. It seems that you only get clams when there is a little red exclamation mark on the friends image inside the main game. Visiting Facebook friends is currently disabled so there is no way to know if we will also be able to get free clams from friends towns but we will find out as soon as it comes back online.

Challenges are a new feature that have been introduced to the game. You can get clams from unlocking characters and costumes. To view the challenges you can unlock click the social button to enter the games version of Facebook where you can see all the different collectable challenges and how close you are to completing it.

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