Footage Released Of Cancelled Saints Row PSP Game

Saints Row first hit our consoles during the Xbox 360/PS3 generation. There was never a PS2 version of the game which makes it quite surprising to find that there was a cancelled Saints Row PSP game. Games that cancelled before they are even announced would generally be considered garbage, but for some reason there is quite the appeal here. Maybe it’s because its such an unexpected platform or that it’s almost a port backwards a generation. Either way this video is quite the interesting one to watch.

The video goes over the background of the game and how one of the developers just stumbled across the PSP dev kit containing these games as they were in a room ready to be thrown away. The game doesn’t really look all that great, which is likely why we have never heard of this game before, but the fact that this is an unusual release, it would have been such a shame for this game to get dumped and never see the light of day.

Check out the video below for the full developer interview with some gameplay footage and the full back story of how the game came to be and then came…not to be.

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