Flip Cup: The Simple Drinking Game To Get You Drunk!

Flip Cup

Flip Cup, also known as Flippy Cup or Tippy Cup, is a team-based drinking game that combines speed, skill, and social interaction. It’s a popular choice at parties, gatherings, or casual hangouts with friends. This guide will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the game, including how to set up, the necessary materials, the rules, and how to play.

What You’ll Need

  1. Plastic Cups: A set of identical plastic cups, typically the standard red Solo cups often used at parties. The number of cups required will depend on the number of players.
  2. Beverages: The game is typically played with beer, but any beverage can be used. The amount needed will depend on how many rounds you plan to play.
  3. A Flat Surface: A long table is ideal, but any flat surface where players can stand on opposite sides will work.
  4. Teams: Flip Cup is a team game. Teams can range from 2-6 players, but they must be equal in size.


  1. Divide into Two Teams: First, divide all players into two teams. Try to balance the teams as evenly as possible for a fair game. Each team should line up on opposite sides of the table.
  2. Distribute the Cups: Each player should have a cup placed in front of them on the table. It’s important that the cups are aligned on the table’s edge to make the game fair and challenging.
  3. Fill the Cups: Pour a small amount of the chosen beverage into each cup. It’s up to you how much to pour, but typically each cup is filled with 1-2 ounces of beer.

Rules of Flip Cup

  1. Teams Compete: Each team competes against the other to drink their beverage and then flip the cup by flicking the rim with their fingers.
  2. Order of Play: Players must drink and flip in order, starting from one end of the table and moving to the other.
  3. No Spilling: Players cannot intentionally spill their drinks to empty their cup faster.
  4. Successful Flip: A successful flip results in the cup landing top-up on the table.

How to Play Flip Cup

  1. Begin the Round: The first players on each team (the ones at the start of the line) clink their cups, place them back on the table edge, and then start drinking their beverage as quickly as they can.
  2. Flip the Cup: After finishing their drink, the player places their cup on the edge of the table with a part of the cup’s base hanging over the edge. The player must then use their fingers to flip the cup, aiming to get it to land upside down (bottom up).
  3. Next Player’s Turn: Only when the first player has successfully flipped their cup can the next player in line start drinking and flipping. This continues down the line of players.
  4. Winning the Game: The first team to have all their players finish drinking and successfully flip their cups wins the game.

A Few Tips

  1. Practice the Flip: The flip can be the trickiest part of Flip Cup. Practice flipping the cup in your free time to perfect your technique.
  2. Speed and Precision: Balancing speed with precision is key. While you need to drink and flip your cup quickly, rushing too much might result in an unsuccessful flip.
  3. Team Spirit: Remember, Flip Cup is a team game. Encourage your teammates and enjoy the friendly competition.

Please remember that while Flip Cup is a fun and entertaining game, it should be played responsibly and within one’s own drinking limits. Overconsumption of alcohol can lead to serious health consequences. Always drink responsibly and ensure that all players are of legal drinking age.

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