Far Cry Primal Map Is Almost A Direct Copy Of Far Cry 4

Since the release of Far Cry Primal, some gamers have been questioning the originality of the map as there are a lot of striking similarities between both of the maps from each game. At first people were speculating that Far Cry Primal could be set in the same place as Far Cry 4, just in pre historic times. This would have been a seriously cool twist to the games lore, but unfortunately it has been confirmed that both games take place in completely different parts of the world. Quite the waste on behalf of the games developers as it would have been a good way to make this look less lazy.

The video below shows a brilliant comparison of how the 2 game worlds overlap in many ways. It is very obvious that in order to pump out yet another Far Cry game the developers were forced to cut a corner and reuse an existing map they had created in the past for their latest game. This isn’t exactly a bad thing as they must have put a large amount of work into the original Far Cry 4 map and if they can reuse it, why not. I think the main insult from this comes from the fact that Ubisoft are a bunch of jerks and we know they put pressure on the developers to spit out another game so they could make more money off the franchise.

In defense of the developers, other than the comparisons that can be made on the major landmarks and looking at an aerial view of the games map, it is quite difficult to even notice that this is a copy of the map from Far Cry 4.

At the end of the day its not a big deal and this video goes into great detail to show off the likeness of the various landmarks and map. Just another strike in the asshole book for Ubisoft i guess.

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