Far Cry 6 Stranger Things Crossover Could Lead To Great Things

Crossovers between movies go way back but when it comes to video games, the same sort of collaboration is far less common. Up until recently, easter eggs were the most of what made up any sort of character crossovers outside of fighting games like Super Smash Bros.

Over the past few years, Fortnite has been doing an absolutely insane job when it comes to crossovers with movies and other popular franchises, with a recent update actually allowing you to play a spiderman. With millions of eyes hitting Fortnite every day, it makes for a perfect place to promote content but Fortnite is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Having heard there was going to be a Stranger things mission added to Far Cry 6 it was a pretty big surprise. Although we have already gotten a mission with Danny Trejo and another Rambo crossover mission, these felt more like a passion project rather than promotional material although, it is clear in hindsight that this may have been the direction things were going.

stranger things in farcry
Does it get any cooler than this? Seeing the red lighting over the horizon as the creature moves around in the distance. It perfectly recreates the horror from the tv show

Full Games Based On Movies or TV Shows Are Rarely Good

Games like Spiderman and Guardians of the Galaxy are a few gems amongst a bucket of rocks when it comes to games based on movies. Building a AAA game takes a huge amount of money and more significantly, time. Timing a video game release that is going to be of substantial quality to accompany that movie release generally does not work out well for the game.

Games are kept simple and never try to blow people away. The more ambitious a game is, the longer it is going to take to build and that doesn’t fit the Hollywood timeline.

Movies & TV Shows Don’t Always Translate To Games Well

Looking at a movie like Terminator, which has had several video games over the years. In order to provide some kind of entertaining gameplay, you can make use of very little from the movie. Arnold hunting for John Connor was great to watch but what fun would this be as a video game unless you added some sort of combat or stealth mechanics. This is the first step away from the source material.

Some movies just don’t fit the format of a video game. The games from Telltale games have always been a perfect middle ground as they would balance gameplay and narrative in a way that resulted in less detachment from the source material but also resulted in a reduction in things like combat, driving, platforming and other traditional game components.

The time and money to build a solid core game is always too expensive to make it worthwhile for most movie games. This is why the Stranger Things crossover with Far Cry 6 is absolutely perfect!

DLC For AAA Games Is Perfect

The Far Cry franchise has always offered an awesome sandbox for players to go wild in a realistic open world. You have guns, melee weapons, cars, mounts, helicopters and a huge range of mechanics that allow for stealth, peeking around corners and other ways to give you more control of the action. What movie game wouldn’t want something like Far Cry as a foundation. It is just way too expensive to get to this point for a movie game that may not sell well.

With Ubisoft releasing a new mission that ties in with one of the biggest franchises on Netflix, we get to have a little taste of what an AAA stranger things game might actually be like.

If a standalone Stranger Things game were to be released in the same style of gameplay as Far Cry, there are so many risks. Will it be long enough, will the story be good enough, will it tie in with the series well enough. Piggybacking on top of a well-established gaming franchise eliminates a lot of those risks. Compress all the ideas into a smaller experience that may only last a few hours and everyone wins.

Farcry 6 Meets Stranger Things Is a Great First Step

Having completed the mission, I can definitely see how this sort of thing has a lot of potential in the future. The mission was only an hour-long and felt like it could have been a bit longer but it was also free! A free mission that gives you a completely different experience from the main game that was incredibly faithful to the source material.

What will happen when there is a $9.99 DLC pack offering the same sort of thing but with 6 or 7 hours worth of a story that really delivers a wild story and value for money. I wouldn’t have a problem handing over money for more crossover content like this.

It is hard to know what the measurement of success is for this mission. There is no money to be earned from it but we can only hope that this goes as well as it should. Video game crossovers with big franchises could be a massive game-changer to DLC that gives developers the chance to go off the walls with something completely different and creative. We will have to keep our eyes peeled to see where this one goes.

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