Why Can’t I Get The VIP Pass From Chowchilla Charlie In Grim Fandango?


    If you speak to Chowchilla Charlie he will give you the ticket machine and after this Mannie wont speak to him because he has nothing to say. This is common and most likely isn’t a glitch. The reason this happens is because you have not performed the events required to get this far. You should be able to get this pass once you have gotten the bees to start protesting (and as a result get the leader locked up!).

    Follow these steps to trigger the VIP pass conversation.

    • The very first step you need to to is speak to the sailor at the docks. You meet him after you fall off the ship.
    • Tell him you are ready to go and he will tell you need a few things. Exhaust all conversation options and head away.
    • Go to the bees near the lighthouse and talk to them about the union.
    • Go to the Blue Casket and do what you gotta do in there.
    • Once you have finished speaking with Olivia you will have noticed a table of hipsters at the bottom right of the screen.
    • There will be a book on the table, but they wont let you have it.
    • Show the hipster the note about the reolution. (This is in your office at the casino, where you started the chapter)
    • The hipster will be impressed and will let you have the book.
    • Go to the bees and speak with them. Eventually you will be able to give them the book and it will make them start protesting.
    • The leader bee should now be locked up in the prison above the morgue.
    • The conversation option should now be available with Chowchilla Charlie to get the pass.