Who Is The Hero In Fable Legends Experience?


    That’s for you to choose. Fable Legends takes you back to a time when Albion was teeming with Heroes, so there’s bound to be one for you. Fearless warriors. Cunning tricksters. Masters of Will. Paragons of virtue. Heartless mercenaries. Intoxicated brawlers. Chicken chasers. They’re all here, and many more besides.

    When Albion is only just learning what a Hero can be, no would-be Hero can stand alone. It is important to consider the mix of Heroes you take with you on your next quest. Do you recruit the dashing swordsman? If you like your swordplay elegant and lightly powdered, you’ll have no trouble finding your prince charming. But if you’re more man-o-war than manicure, you’ll find grizzled archers and lone wolves forced to adapt to life with the pack. Of course, in this period of Albion’s history there is an abundance of magic. Some Heroes manipulate the world using the power of Will to make Albion a better place (or just fancy setting part of it on fire). You could round off your group with a stalwart defender, ready to lead from the front and better things into the ground. Heroes like these represent a small sample of what Albion has to offer you. Whichever Heroes you choose to bring along on your adventurer, you’ll need to work together and fight hard if you want to create a Legend.

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