What Order Are The Chemicals Mixed To Clear The Ink Off The Letter?


    In Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishments, you have to mix some chemicals in order to clean spilled ink off of a letter. The puzzle can be a little difficult to figure out at first. The page doesn’t make thinks too easy.

    The way it works is that if you place a blue vial, you must then place an orange one 3 after. You also need to put a clear vial straight after an orange one. This means the pattern must be. Blue, X, X, Orange, Clear. With this in mind you will be able to complete this pattern twice.

    The final combo should be this.

    1. blue
    2. green
    3. blue
    4. orange
    5. clear
    6. orange
    7. clear

    The video below will help you out if you need to see it in a video.