What Is DLC?


    A lot of game articles talk about a thing called DLC but what is DLC?

    What Is DLC?

    DLC is a term that is used a lot in the gaming industry. The word is an acronym that is short for DownLoadable Content (DLC). Downloadable content is something that is relatively new to the game industry and has become incredibly popular. DLC allows game developers to add new characters, levels, weapons and various other pieces of game content to a game without having to release a new disc. DLC can be downloaded from a game store such as Steam, Xbox Live or Playstation Network store.

    DLC has become subject to a lot of criticism from gamers in recent years due to the belief that DLC takes content away from the core game at release. A lot of games contain what is referred to as “Day 1 DLC”, which means that there is DLC available for download for a game, the day that it is released. The general consensus is that if game content was completed on the day of the games release, it should have been included as part of the game and not make gamers pay extra money for content that should already have been theres.

    A common practice is to start including DLC on the disc for game collections such as HD remakes or special editions. These games will include the core game along with all of the games DLC included on the disc to save the customer having to download the content after purchasing the game.

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