Reset PSN Password Without Date Of Birth


    I recently ran into a really annoying issue where I had registered for a PSN account and provided a fake Date of Birth (DOB). I have also gone and forgot the password for the account. Part of the password reset process involves having to provide your date of birth. Since the DOB provided was not real, I cant remember what it is and as a result, am unable to reset the password. The support team will be quite unhelpful with this as providing false information is against the TOS. I have found a very helpful guide on Youtube that explains how you can reset the password without having to provide your date of birth. Here is how to reset PSN password without date of birth.

    Reset PSN Password Without Date Of Birth

    Working as of December 8th 2016

    1. Trigger a password reset using the standard password reset form on the PlayStation website or through any games console. This will send an email to your account.
    2. In the email you got from sony, you will see a URL variable called token. It will look something like “&token=…”. Copy and paste this token and save it into a text file.
    3. Take the token that you received from Sony in the email and insert it into this link in place of the token value.!input.action?token=*YOUR TOKEN HERE*&request_locale=en_GB&service-entity=psn
    4. Copy this URL and enter it into your web browsers URL bar and click enter. This will bring you to a form where you can reset your password without needing to know your date of birth.


    I have tested this myself today and it worked perfectly. Here is the video guide that will help you out if you are stuck.


    1. it doesnt work for me. when i do it, it says An error occurred while changing your password. Please try again. WHAT SHOULD I DO, IM SO DESPERATE.

    2. it doesnt work for me. that bullshit says An error occurred while changing your password. Please try again. WHAT SHOULD I DO. IM SO ANGRY I WILL SOON KILL SOMEBODY

    3. My email for my PSN account is fake and can’t receive the email . And I don’t know the DOB and my password.. I’m really desperate spent a lot of money on that account

      • If you look at this from Sonys perspective. Someone needs access to an account with an email, DOB and password that they dont know. It will be very difficult for them to believe this is a genuine request. Its also worth mentioning that its against the terms of service to provide false information like you have, so they might not be too sympathetic to the cause either. Phoning support is your only option. If you have a credit card linked to the account then you may be able to find some way to prove that the account belongs to you using a transaction authorization code for the card you used

      • You said that its Fake but what kind of email address u used like gmail or yahoo or what cuz i have couple of ideas that might help you to regain access to it, if you are interested?

    4. Forgot my password to my PS3 account but my email to that account is fake and I dont know the DOB either.. Can u help me plZz really desperate for my account spent a lot of money on it.

      • It’s easy just follow the step it work for me just copy the DOB BY PASS and follow the instruction it will work I just did it today on 06/04/17

    5. God bless the person who wrote this! The method is easy and 100% working. You people may have problems if you don’t know what the token is. It’s the long string of numbers.

    6. Hey buddy.
      I followed all your steps but when I access the link, it says “An error occurred while changing your password”.
      Can you guide me how can I proceed from here.

    7. Working 06/04/17, Windows 7, Firefox.

      DON’T CLICK THE EMAIL LINK! Just copy the token and the URL supplied above. I clicked the email link on one alt and kept getting error. Tried this same method on other alts without clicking the email link and it works like a charm. Anyone still getting errors, maybe wait 24 hrs and get a new token?

    8. This is really annoying. The link said cause a standard error. No one explains what that is. They start off explaining what to do once I get to my email to change my password, I don’t even remember my PSN. I can’t even receive an email to change my password. Idk my password, my age, or my name on my account. All I know is my email. I have my birthdate, just not the year. Think I set it to the 1900s. What would you do if you were me?

    9. Thank You so much you saved me because Sony Live Chat Support wouldnt let me chat over 5 hours and i thought my account was f*cked, but thanks to you. Have a great day.

    10. I just had to leave a comment. I had thought i lost my account for 4 years until i found this. now it works. THANKS HEAPS!

    11. I figured that you have to look at the URL very carefully. Depending on where you are, you will have to replace the … “locale=en_GB&service-entity=psn” bit’s “GB” and make sure the link is exactly as it should be down to the question marks and replacing exactly just the token variable. Worked as of 23/10/17.

    12. Worked for me as of 28th Oct 2017, thank you!
      It then allows you to add a new secret answer too, i’d forgotten both the answer and d.o.b

    13. Working still as of 6th Nov 2017.

      Thank you, you are a life saver!
      It’s sad that I can’t find a way to change it in the account, and customer support also said they won’t allow me to change it ( I entered wrong birth date by mistake )

    14. hey guys i tryd it dosent work,now what thus error(Currently unable to complete your password change request. Please try again later.) plesae help me.whats this?

    15. @Adam, go to your web browser and search ” Ubisoft store” from there you have to sign in, and then select trouble signing in. Then do forget password and you’ll get a token.

    16. I followed Thibaults method to get my token and it works, i put it into the url and its taking me to the sony entertainment sign in page back to the start

    17. Not working the first url word changed from “account” to “id.sonyentertainment” also “token” to “ticket_uuid”
      inspect element won’t help cuz it’s not the same names anymore even the html code … Help ! 🙁

    18. Hi,
      This worked for resetting my password today. Saved a lot of hassle. I had some paid camera apps linked to this account which I was not able to use as I forgot the password.

      Thanks for posting this.