PS3 Screen Flashing On And Off


    When describing screen flashing on and off there can be 2 possible things that are happening.

    1. You have turned the console on and the screen is turning on and off.
    2. The screen goes black and comes back as soon as you start up a game.

    From my experience resolving this issue, 1 should be an easy fix and 2 may not be possible to fix at all. So what is happening and how can it be fixed.

    For the first issue the problem is quite easy to fix. For me i was able to hold down the power button to reset the display settings. This stopped the issue, but when I set the resolution to 1080p the issue came back. The screen worked fine with 720 p and 1080i,  but 1080p would cause the screen to turn on and off. The cause of this was actually the HDMI cable and not the TV or PS3. By replacing the HDMI cable the issue resolved and i was able to select 1080p as a resolution without any issues.

    The second issue is a little more complex and is likely caused by your TV if replacing the HDMI cable failed to fix the issue. The problem boils down to a thing called HDCP, if you do not know what this is, we wrote an article a few months back that goes into detail. The problem that causes the screen to flash on and off is caused by the “handshake” that is performed between the TV and PS3. For some reason this is getting messed up. It could be the fault of the HDMI cable, software fault or worse, a hardware fault. You can first try to restart the TV and PS3 to rule out a software fault. This means a 100% power down (not standby). IF this doesnt work, then replacing the HDMI cable could also resolve the issue. If this also fails to work then you may have a hardware issue on your hands and this can be a much harder problem to fix.

    If you have discovered that this is indeed a hardware fault then there may be guides out there that can help you, but it will require some skill to be able to pull this off without causing damage to the console or TV.

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