Do You Need A New TV To Use HDR?

    PS4 Pro
    Playstation 4 Pro model

    The Playstation 4 is getting an update to support HDR on all models. This includes the original launch PS4 along with the new slim model. Do you need a new TV to use HDR or will it enhance the visuals for all PS4 games on all TVs?

    The subject of HDR is a bit of an ambiguous one at the moment as a lot of TV manufactures released TVs that had HDR support before they even knew what it meant to fully support HDR. Thankfully, to get over this a standard has been released that defines what it means to support HDR and if a TV does it correctly, they can add the label “UHD Premium” to their TV sets. For those unfamiliar with this UHD means Ultra High Definition. In other words a 4K TV.

    So to answer the question on whether you need a new TV to use HDR, the answer is most likely yes, unless you are one of the few who has purchased a highly expensive 4K TV that has support for this new technology.

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