Is There New Game+ In 3D Dot Game Heroes


    Yes, there is. Only gold(which isn’t much anyway because there’s a cap), small blocks and swords gotten from the king block will carry over. You pay the king block using small blocks, not gold. It’s recommended to get anything in the 2nd play. Minigames require crazy stats which reward you with a sword so just mess around a little to know what they about. If you managed to get them, you’ll have to get them again in new game+. It’s better to get the swords in a 2nd play. because there are not enough small blocks in the game, but since they carry over in your 2nd play,considering you update the game. W/o patch, you need to save blocks. In your 1st play, save up small blocks and buy the most expensive sword from king block if you want an easier beginning in new game+.

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