So you have just downloaded the game and aren’t sure what exactly is going on. This Family Guy The Quest For Stuff beginners guide¬†will fill you in on everything you need to know about The Quest For Stuff.

The first thing you need to know if you are new to this type of game is that golden clams are precious! It may seem like a good idea to spend them at the start to speed things up but in the long run it isn’t worth it. The best thing to do is to stockpile the golden clams as much as possible and not to waste them. You can spend them later on in the game once you are able to make a better decision on what to spend it on.


Jobs are activated by touching a character walking around the town. This will being up a little menu of jobs that this character can perform. Jobs are organised by the time they take to complete. The longer the job the more money and XP you will get for completing it.

The quickest way to get a town built is to do short jobs. They are worth more if you do a 1 hour job every hour for 6 hours rather than doing a single 6 hour job. So try think ahead of the next time you will be free when selecting jobs for characters.

Occasionally characters will be walking around with an exclamation mark above their heads. Clicking the character will bring up some dialogue and will often result in them asking you to get some characters to do jobs or to build something. Do these jobs as quickly as possible as you get a large reward of coins and XP for doing the jobs.

Unlocking characters

There are two ways to unlock characters. The first is to simply do the jobs that are given from characters with the exclamation (!) above their heads. This will progress the story and eventually lead to you unlocking more of the town. As you unlock more of the town you will uncover buildings that when repaired, or built will spawn the character that is related to this building. The second is by using golden clams. There are a few premium characters that can be bought using golden clams. Decide later on if it is where you want to spend those precious clams.

Expanding the Town

The entire town will be covered in fog preventing you from being able to see much. As you progress with the story by doing more jobs from characters with the exclamation mark above their heads you will unlock more of the town. When the areas (Districts) get unlocked you will get a small pop up and the fog will clear from that part of the map. There will be little floating icons of leaf blowers. You must pay to unlock these areas. Sometimes its cheap and other times its expensive so if you must expand the area make sure you check them all and unlock the cheapest area.

Social Stuff

The game allows you to connect with Facebook. From what i have experienced so far with it the game doesn’t post stuff to your wall or bother friends without your permission. When linked you will be able to see your friends from Facebook who play the game. You can visit their towns and help out with jobs and stuff which will earn you some money.

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