Family Guy Drinking Game: Toast to the Quahog Clan

Family Guy Drinking Game

Family Guy fans, this one’s for you! Amp up your viewing party with the Family Guy Drinking Game, which spotlights the hilarious adventures of the Griffin family and their friends in Quahog. Grab your favorite drinks, invite your buddies, and let’s prepare to chuckle and chug as we enjoy the antics of Peter, Lois, Stewie, and the rest of the gang.

Game Setup

Before starting the game, let’s review the rules and necessary materials:

  1. Episodes: Any episodes from the Family Guy series
  2. Drinks: Your choice of alcoholic beverage (beer, wine, or mixed drinks)
  3. Participants: At least 2 players (but the more, the merrier!)
  4. Optional: A copy of the drinking rules for reference during the game

Remember to establish the drinking amount for each rule beforehand!


Ready for some animated fun? Take a sip of your drink whenever any of the following events transpire on the show:

Main Characters

  • Peter Griffin
    • Says his classic “Freakin’ sweet!”
    • Causes trouble or chaos due to his stupidity
    • Injures himself in an accident
  • Lois Griffin
    • Scolds or nags Peter
    • Displays her piano skills
    • Reveals a dark or saucy past
  • Stewie Griffin
    • Plots world domination or matricide
    • Displays an unexpectedly softer side
    • Speaks with a British accent, despite his American family
  • Brian Griffin
    • Sips a drink (wine, beer, or cocktail)
    • Dispenses advise to one of the Griffins
    • Pursues a new love interest
  • Meg Griffin
    • Becomes the target of ridicule or abuse
    • Shows desperation for friends or popularity
    • Complains about her miserable life
  • Chris Griffin
    • Does something idiotic (even by Griffin standards)
    • Is embarrassed by his family or social situations
    • Talks to his closet monster, Evil Monkey

Supporting Characters & Recurring Segments

  • Glenn Quagmire
    • Utters his trademark “Giggity!”
    • Engages in inappropriate or depraved behavior
  • Cleveland Brown
    • Falls screaming from the bathtub after a mishap
  • Joe Swanson
    • Uses his wheelchair in a physical or unlikely manner
    • Expresses frustration with his handicap
  • Mayor Adam West
    • Makes an obscure or nonsensical reference
    • Displays bizarre, delusional behavior
  • Cutaway gags: The show cuts away to a scene unrelated to the main plot, parodying pop culture or current events
  • Flashbacks: A character remembers or references a previous event in their life
  • Running gags: Recognizable jokes or catchphrases that appear throughout the series, like “Bird is the word” or “You know what really grinds my gears”

Optional Rules (for the daring drinkers!)

  • Musical numbers: Characters burst into song
  • Surreal moments: Scenes involve talking animals, supernatural beings, or other bizarre occurrences
  • Cultural references: The show parodies or mocks celebrities, movies, TV shows, or politics

Game End

The game concludes when the chosen episode(s) of Family Guy finishes. However, you can always opt to continue the game with additional episodes for extra laughs and libations!

So don’t delay—gather your friends, tune in, and raise a glass to the uproarious antics of the Griffin clan. Cheers! 🍻

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