Fallout 4 Wishlist

fallout 4 wishlist

No one knows when Fallout 4 is actually going to come out but we do know that it is in the works. As much as I loved the past 2 games there was still a few issues I had that I would love to see changed in the next game. Here’s our Fallout 4 wishlist of some things that we would like to see in Fallout 4.

A Mount

While fast travel makes a mount sort of useless in the long run it still takes time to travel to some locations to discover them. How nice would it be to be able to travel to these locations on a bike or horse….or a robot horse!!

Fallout Robot Horse
Fallout Robot Horse

OK maybe that horse is a kids toy but who says they don’t have an adult version? It would make life a hell of a lot easier when there are enemies nearby. No longer would you be getting your ass shredded by an army of Deathclaws, simply hop up on old buttercup here and away you go!


The wasteland can get lonely, being able to share that loneliness with a friends shoulder to cry on would make life so much easier. There will be things to work out such as what happens if 1 player goes into VATS but I have faith that this can be worked out. Coop is 1 of the most enjoyable things to do in gaming these days, it makes games feel a lot more fun. A game like fallout with such a great atmospheric world would be great to share with a friend. if not just demons souls style multiplayer

Fire Spreads

Destructible environments are too much to ask for games like this but spreadable fire isn’t. Far Cry 3 did a good job with spreadable fire even if it didn’t make a whole lot of sense at times. Throwing a Molotov and having it set fire to the nearby area for a short time would add a new strategy for playing this game. Its a dry and dusty wasteland it makes sense for things to catch fire easily.

Farcry 3 Fire
Farcry 3 Fire


Better Variety of Voice Actors

This is something that annoyed me quite a bit with Fallout 3 and New Vegas. Michael Hogan who has quite a distinctive voice is credited for playing the role of the doctor in New Vegas also seems to play the roll of quite a lot of NPCs in the game. While only 1 liners now and then it’s still weird to hear the same voice. A little more verity for the random NPCs would go a long way in making the game seem a little more realistic.

Better draw distance with AA

This is mostly coming from a console perspective. While the draw distance of the game was quite good the quality of the objects in the distance was not! It is a common occurrence to be walking through the wasteland and to spot a crooked lamp post in the distance that looks like it is constructed out of Lego bricks. Jaggies were enough of an issue close up so items in the distance really took a hit. It would be much nicer of focus was put on fixing jaggies and other technical issues the games visuals, making the game look ‘next-gen’ should come second.

Skyrim Leveling System

I’m sure a lot of fans of the game would not be impressed if this leveling system made it into the game. Fallout 3’s leveling and character building really hasn’t changed all that much since fallout 1 & 2. It would be nice to be able to stay true to the original the new leveling system introduced in Skyrim was great. How much better would it be to get to the end of the game and receive an amazing ‘Big Gun’. In old fallout every point was precious and most times people would just focus on making their character good with a particular weapon set (never with big guns for me), now you can be good with whatever you want whenever you want!

While it might be a big step to change and it could cause the hardcore fans to complain having an option to switch between the old and the new would please everyone!

Continue playing after end credits

This was the most annoying thing about New Vegas. You get awarded a load of XP for the final quest only for the end credits to roll and you are unable to ever make use of that XP because you don’t get to continue on after the credits roll. I don’t care if the main character dies at the end of the game, ill deal with the fact that it doesn’t make any sense in the time line just so I can go back and do any quests I missed and still keep all the XP I got for the final quest.

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