Everything You Need To Know On Nitendo64

Nintendo64, released in 1996, has been the talk of the town ever since. It had stunned gamers worldwide like never before. This retro classic has made heads turn with the beautiful gaming experience that it provides. One can go on and on about this incredible gaming console. But as a hardcore fan, one needs to know about every aspect and not just the games and its features. There is so much about Nintendo64 that many know and also do not know. So this article is for both sets of people as it will give you a clear insight into this classic, leaving you with more information than you had before. 


Nintendo64 was one of the first to have the cartridge to store the games and the first to use the analogue stick to play the games. It is named N64 because of the 64 bit CPU used in it. It came up with the features that no other gaming consoles had come up with like the 3D graphics and, the analogue sticks. The games introduced were also an instant hit among everyone who had a computer at home. With PlayStation and Sega Saturn, as its competitors at that time, it never ceased to amaze people across the globe. This retro game was a revolution at that time with no doubt.

Popular Games

With around 296 games, few games were favourite and the most played than the rest. Games like Super Mario and The Legend on Zelda were always on the top of the list. 

Who can ever forget the Super Mario 64 with Mario dressed up well and going in search of the princess, the audio, the different levels with different backdrops were all cute. Though there came a series of Super Mario games, the first one remains the best.

The Legend of Zelda, with its adventure and actions, it was one of the best games after Super Mario64, with the best soundtrack and a good story, it is undoubtedly a masterpiece. The Donkey Kong, Star Wars were to the most liked by many.

Though its competitors had more games in the library, this has just 388 at that time, and yet it was the bestselling game of all time. The legend of Zelda is considered to be one of the best futuristic games ever. There were thousands of games under different genres and among each type, there was always one game that was the best like the Golden007 was considered the best among the shooter series and The Legend of Zelda was considered the best among the action-adventure series.


The best part about it is that they were played on cartridges and not the CD’s and had the most memorable sound that made everyone keep humming to the tunes everywhere. The controller was most loved due to its unique size and shape with all the right buttons at the right place. The multiplayer feature was the best as you could gather with your friends or family and have a fun time together. This has made many come together in the name of the game. It was the most talked about, and the most played during that time.

Ever since people started playing games on the PC, the emulator and Nintendo64 roms were made available for everyone, and now one can easily play the games on mobile phones or laptops and whatnot.

Multiple players can be played using the four ports in the front of the console. It was the first one to come up with a slot where a rumble pack was placed. It won second place beating some of the most popular gaming console companies in the Console Race. Nintendo64 has numerous games, but people have heard and played of only a few like the Super Mario series, the Legend of Zelda and few more. But one needs to explore more in-depth as it has some of the best games though unknown by many. The emulation used to play on the PCs are now easier to play the games.

Quick Facts

  • Nintendo64 might have hundreds of games right now but, did you know there were only two games during the time of release? Out of that the Super Mario 64 was one too. It remains one of the best games of all the other versions.
  • Nintendo64 had been named initially as Project Reality; then, after several changes, it came to the final name, which is known now.
  • The Nintendo64 was the first ever to come up with the analogue sticks and 3D graphics that took the gaming industry a new turn from there.
  • The Super Mario Bros 64 is said to still, even to this day, the bestselling games ever.
  • Nintendo release over 400 hundred from the time it introduced with only three in the beginning. Out of which, many were the favourite among all with no doubt.
  • Nintendo64 had to compete with the PlayStation and the Sega Saturn which were leading back then.


One can never forget the way our lives changed with the introduction of this console. It is the kids who were born in their ’90s who lived their life to the fullest, playing these classic games. Nintendo64 will be the greatest, and the most played game console by Nintendo. This revolutionary had some of the games that are even now talked about. You would see any gamer taking about N64 if asked about his most favourite games of all time. Though it has few games that cannot be classified as good, it was surely one of the best consoles ever. 

It was the firsts in numerous aspects and, Nintendo has done true justice to what it offers to people. Even today, people have treasured the console to relive the golden days. With thousands of unknown facts and hundreds of games, one has to dig deeper to know more about this classic only if you’re a true fan. But all in all, with a great history and some of the greatest games, it has left a deep imprint on people today.

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