Getting past wave 40 is a complete pain in the ass! I have attempted this many times in the past and have never been successful at doing it up until now. The following guide will get you past 40 flags relatively easy and also unlock theĀ Alive And Planting Trophy. Once you can set up the plants you need to very little other than repair pumpkins and spike strips. I managed to survive round 40-43 without even touching the game. If you keep on top of everything this guide should get you past round 40 without any issues.

So the first thing you will need to do is get select the correct plants. Make sure you have the following plants before starting the first round.

  • Sunflower
  • Twin Sunflower
  • Lilly Pad
  • Spikeweed
  • Cattails
  • Squash
  • Umbrella Leaf
  • Fume Shroom
  • Coffee Bean

Try and get the sunflowers planted as quickly as possible in order to get a quick supply of sun. You need to have 14 sunflowers and 2 Umbrella Leafs planted by the end of the 2nd flag. Start working toward making your garden look like the following image. Once round 2 has ended you will be allowed to select new plants. Replace the sunflower with the pumpkin and replace the umbrella leaf with the winter melon and continue building the garden to look like the image below.

You main priority needs to be on placing winter melons as they cause splash damage and slow down enemies so much that most zombies will die from the spikes. While you are waiting for winter melons to be ready to place again you can start planting as many fume shrooms as possible (use coffee bean to wake up). Once you have the 4 cattails placed you can replace them with the gloom shrrom. Focus on adding the gloom shrooms to the pond in the middle first then work on the sides. You will need to place 2 gloom shrooms at the back of the garden to take care of the miner zombies. They will catch you by surprise so be prepared.

Keep building up your plant army. Replace any spikeweeds that get destroyed and if possible upgrade them to spikerock so you have a little more defense against the giants and trucks. During rounds with the giants use puff shrooms as much as possible. The giants will destroy any plant with one smash. Puff shrooms are free so placing them will make the giant stop so he can crush them, this nets you valuable time for your plants to destroy the giants so they don’t flatten any valuable plants.

Stick to the images as closely as possible as the layout is vital. Always keep 2 cattails so they can pop the balloon zombies and 2 umberella leafs to protect your sunflowers. The gloom shrooms will destroy any other bungie zombies before they have the time to take any plants away. Make sure you repair any pumpkins when they are looking damaged and make sure you have spikewee/spikerock on the very top row and very bottom row as these rows struggle when there are multiple giants.

Very little changes in terms of layout once you have everything set up. Use bombs and other explosive plants to help destroy the giants quickly and upgrade spikeweed to spikerock whenever possible (focus on top and bottom row).

Passed round 40, death is imminent!

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