Duff Down: A Simpsons Drinking Game

Duff Down

The Simpsons, America’s golden animated sitcom, known for its keen satire of American life and culture, is beloved for its sharp wit and unforgettable characters. Its longevity and immediate recognizability make the show perfect for a drinking game. The game, called “Duff Down,” after Homer’s beloved Duff Beer, strings together laughs, drinks, and a trip down memory lane in Springfield.

Please drink responsibly and ensure you’re of legal drinking age in your country. The aim here is to have fun, not to encourage unhealthy levels of drinking.


The Duff Down drinking game is about enjoying the hilarity of “The Simpsons,” with the occasional sip of your favorite drink as punctuation. Here are the rules for your evening in Springfield:

  1. Classic catchphrase: Every time a character delivers their trademark catchphrase, take a sip. Examples include Homer’s “D’oh,” Bart’s “Eat my shorts,” or Nelson’s laugh.
  2. Celebrity guest appearance: “The Simpsons” is known for its plethora of celebrity guest stars. Every time one appears in an episode, take a drink.
  3. Simpsons opener change: The show is famous for its different opening scenes. If the scene changes for an episode, everyone takes a sip.
  4. Homer at Moe’s Tavern: Whenever Homer makes an appearance in Moe’s Tavern, take a drink.
  5. Couch gag: “The Simpsons” is famous for its changing “couch gag” in the title sequence. Take a drink for each new couch gag.
  6. Local Springfield character: Every time a beloved local character like Comic Book Guy, Ralph Wiggum, or Moe Szyslak says a line, take a sip.
  7. Cut-away scene: Whenever there’s a cut-away scene to an irreverent imaginary or past situation, take a sip.
  8. Any time someone drinks Duff Beer: Nothing’s more iconic in Simpsons lore than Homer’s beloved Duff Beer. So, anytime you spot someone taking a swig of Duff, join them with a sip of your own.
  9. Whenever anything happens at the Nuclear Plant: Be it Homer’s incompetency or Mr. Burns’s evil plotting, whenever something happens at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, take a sip.

Remember, the aim of this game is to enjoy watching “The Simpsons” and the communal experience with your friends. Never drink more than you feel comfortable with.

“Duff Down” turns one of your favorite animated sitcoms into an even more enjoyable experience. And bonus: it’s a perfect excuse to rewatch every season all over again. Just remember to laugh hard, sip slowly, and drink responsibly. Enjoy your stay in Springfield!

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