Drink Up, Doc: A Surgeon’s Twist on the Classic Game Operation

operation drinking game

Introducing Drink Up, Doc!, a lively and spirited adaptation of the beloved steady-hand game, ‘Operation’. If you’re ready for a toast to fine motor skills and a dose of laughter, Drink Up, Doc! is your perfect prescription for a memorable game night.

Setting Up the Game

To begin a thrilling round of Drink Up, Doc!, gather up:

  1. A group of excited participants prepared for a test of patience and a few sips of their favorite drinks.
  2. An ‘Operation’ game set, complete with the board, tweezers, ailments (playing pieces), and the patient (Cavity Sam).
  3. A choice of beverages, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, to suit all players’ preferences.

Now that you’re equipped and your beverages are poured, it’s time to put on your “surgeon” attire and dive into the world of Drink Up, Doc!

Game Rules

Drink Up, Doc! combines the electrifying excitement of ‘Operation’ with some entertaining drinking rules. Here’s how you “operate” the game:

  1. Nervous Surgeon: If a player touches the metal edges, causing the “patient” to buzz, they must take a drink.
  2. Successful Operation: When a player successfully removes an ailment, they can assign another player to take a sip.
  3. Helping Hand: If a player grabs the piece they initially failed to remove while two other players hold their hands steady (like a human tripod), all three players must take a sip.

Innovate Your Inebriation with Variations and Custom Rules

Elevate the fun of your Drink Up, Doc! gaming session with these extra rules:

  1. Speedy Surgery: Add a 30-second timer for each turn. If a player takes too long, everyone takes a sip in unison.
  2. Twist and Sip: Allot one sip for every 1,000 points obtained by successfully removing an ailment.
  3. Alphabetical Appointment: Assign each ailment to a specific player. Whoever picks that ailment must take a drink.

Playing Drink Up, Doc! Responsibly

  1. A Safe Operating Room: Always ensure everyone in the group is comfortable, of legal drinking age, and playing in a safe environment.
  2. Adaptable Rules: Modify the rules according to the players’ familiarity with ‘Operation’ and their preferred level of drinking to make sure everyone can have an enjoyable gaming experience.
  3. Drink to Health, Not Overindulgence: Encourage moderation and have non-alcoholic alternatives on hand. The goal of Drink Up, Doc! is laughter and camaraderie, not excessive alcohol consumption.

Drink Up, Doc! offers a seamless blend of the exciting precision of ‘Operation’ with the joy of drinks, laughter, and friendly competition. Prioritize safety, comfort, and responsible drinking to guarantee an incredible game night with Drink Up, Doc! So, grab that ‘Operation’ board, pour your preferred concoction, and let the buzzer-filled fun begin! The spirited world of Drink Up, Doc! is calling.

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