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How To Quickly Level Smithing In Skyrim


This is the one skill that almost everyone wants to max out because of the awesome benefits that come with the high end armor that you can produce once it is levelled up fully. The daedric armor in particular, can be the best armor in the game and outweigh the power of a lot of armor that contains enchantments. There is no real glitch to increasing your smithing, so you will need to obtain a large amount of materials. Various metals, iron in particular and leather will be required in fairly large quantities. So make sure you skin every animal you come across for the leather, and collect every piece of ore you come across, never leave metal behind. You can also make armor from dragon bones, so when you kill a dragon, collect the bones and drop them into a chest at your home for later use.

The most common method people use to increase your smithing skill in Skyrim is to make huge amounts of iron daggers. To do this, you just need leather and iron, but you will need a lot of it. Thankfully the iron daggers can also be combined with the guide to level up your enchanting skill, so you can earn a little money from this. Keep producing as many iron daggers as you possibly can. If you find other metals, you can also create more high level items that will give you a larger bonus toward your smithing skill.

Nearby stores will often sell iron and leather, but they don’t have an unlimited supply, especially considering the quantity of these supplies that you require. This is why it is important to always remember this skill when you are in other towns and cities and when you are in the wild. Large animals contain leather which is very easy to obtain and iron veins are fairly common. Make sure you always have a pickaxe on you in order to mine the iron ore if you happen to come across some.