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Skyrim Levelling Guide

Skyrim Levelling Guide

Character progression works a little differently in Skyrim than it does in other common RPGs. It even works differently to that of Fallout, a game made by the same developer. Understanding how to level up in Skyrim, is the first thing you need to become familiar with before you start attempting to level up your skills outlined in the posts below. This Skyrim Levelling guide will explain how to level your character up and how to boost each of your characters skills to become as strong as possible, as fast as possible.

In order to get up a level you need to obtain a certain number of skill levels. Quite similar to how XP works in traditional RPGs, you will need to obtain a certain amount of these skill levelling order to reach the next level. You obtain a skill levels you performing actions that fall under a particular skill. For example, you increase your 1 handed weapon ability, by using one handed weapons more frequently.

Once you have levelled up a particular skill a few times, it will become more difficult to obtain another level. On top of this, as you obtain more character levels, you will need to level up more skills in order to reach the requirement to get to the next level.

Each of the links below will explain what you need to do to level up that particular skill point as quickly as possible. Some skills can be levelled up much quicker than others, but each post will explain how to level each of your character skills as quickly as possible.

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