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How Do You Unlock Playstation Trophies?

If you are new to the Playstation platform then you might be wondering how you unlock playstation trophies, or what you need to do to get started. The process of unlocking trophies on the playstation 4 is completely automatic. You do not need to do anything. As soon as you meet the in game requirements the trophy will automatically unlock and be added to your Playstation Network user profile.

The next question you might have is “what are the requirements to unlock trophies”. The answer is that they are different for every game. The games developer will decide what trophies go into the game and they can make the requirements anything they like. If you want to know what trophies your game has, check the trophy database on this website. There will be a list of all the trophies in every game on the Playstation platform and in some cases there may also be a guide that will explain how to unlock those trophies.

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