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Playstation Trophies

Playstation trophies have made a more prominent appearance on the Playstation 4. Playstation trophies are digital achievements that you unlock for completing certain requirements in any game on the Playstation 4. Unlike unlockables and other in game achievements, Playstation trophies are a network wide system. This means that people who do not own the game you do, can still see what trophies you unlock. The system is currently shared with the PS3 and Vita, which means that all trophies you unlock are added to a total from all 3 systems.

To access your trophy information on the Playstation 4, go to the systems main menu. Scroll to the icon that looks like a trophy. From here you will be able to see what trophies you have unlocked.

There are 4 different types of trophies. They are tiered in value and will usually be used as an award for an in game task that warrants the value. Here are the 4 different kinds of Playstation trophies.

  • pstbronze Bronze – Almost every game will have a few of these. A bronze trophy is the least valuable trophy and is usually awarded for completing very basic and simple in game tasks.
  • pstsilver Silver – Silver is worth a little more than bronze and usually get awarded for completing something that requires some skill or effort.
  • pstgold Gold – This is the most valuable trophy and is reserved (in most cases) for the more difficult in game achievements. Quite often a gold achievement will be given for something like, completing the game on the hardest difficulty setting or something else that requires a lot of work to complete.
  • pstplatinum Platinum – This is unlike other trophies as it does not unlock based off in game achievements. To unlock a platinum trophy, you must first unlock all other trophies in the game. Not all games have a platinum trophy. Typically larger retail released games contain platinums and the smaller PSN games do not.

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