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Playstation Network

Playstation Network

Playstation network, often referred to as PSN, is the online gaming network that is built for the Playstation gaming systems. In particular the PS3, Vita and the Playstation 4. This post will focus on how it relates to the Playstation 4 and all of the features that are available to you if you access PSN from a PS4 console.

Creating An Account

It is free to create an account on PSN and you will be prompted to create one when you first log into the system and set up a user account. You can log in with the account used for any other Playstation consoles if you have one already, they are shared across all systems. Once you create an account, you will be able to log in and begin your experience with the network. Creating an account on the playstation network will give you access to the following.

A standard playstation network account does not have access to play multiplayer games or take part in any game related online activities outside of leaderboards and other minor things. To play online you will need to purchase a playstation plus subscription.

Playstation Plus

Playstation plus is the premium account option to enhance a standard Playstation network account. If you have a PSN account, you can purchase a PS + subscription from the PS Store. Doing so will give you the following additional bonuses to your PSN account.

  • Online multiplayer.
  • Free games every month.
  • Large discounts on the store
  • Cloud storage for game saves

Playstation Store

The Playstation store is the marketplace on the PS4. It is a location where you can purchase and download digital games to your PS4 console. The store is located on the far left of the PS4 menu and is fairly easy to navigate.

The Playstation store supports various payment methods some of which include credit card, Paypal, PSN Voucher.

For more information on the Playstation Store, check out the section of the guide dedicated to the Playstation store on the Playstation 4.



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