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What HDMI Cable Comes With The PS4 Pro?

When you are looking to deal with 4k and HDR, you need to make sure that you are using the correct type of HDMI cable. If you use the wrong type, namely an older generation cable, you will not be able to correctly display 4k images and HDR video. This begs the question, what HDMI cable comes with the PS4 Pro and is it good enough to handle 4k and HDR?

This is a valid question since it wouldn’t be a major surprise if it didn’t, considering Sony shipped a scart cable with the PS3 and no HDMI. However in the case of the PS4 Pro, the HDMI cable included in the box is capable of 4k video and HDR. As to the spec of the cable, it is HDMI premium or high speed HDMI. There doesn’t appear to be a version on it, but the fact that it is premium or high speed, means that it is at least HDMI 1.4 and this is enough for 4k and HDR.