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PS4 Pro Only 2K Supported

After the joy of getting a new 4K TV or a PS4 Pro, you have connected everything up, gone to the display settings to discover that the PS4 is displaying an error message letting you know that only 2k is supported.

Only 2k supported warning message
Only 2k supported warning message

This is the error that you have likely found “Your TV might support a higher quality color format and 4K HDR if you change its settings. Check your TV’s settings”.

It sounds bad, but don’t get too worried. It doesn’t mean that your PS4 or 4K tv are broken. I will say however, that it might end up being a limitation with your TV if its older or a cheaper brand. In most cases this is going to be a HDMI issue or more specifically an issue with the HDMI port on your TV.

Check HDMI Setting On The TV

I don’t quite understand why, but it seems that a lot of TVs that are 4k, don’t have it enabled via 4k straight off the bat. By this i mean, you need to enable 4k for the HDMI port. For some TVs, only 1 or 2 ports support 4k HDR video. Even at that you need to dig around the settings to figure it out. I have a Sony TV running Android and I was able to enable this in the HDMI section of the main settings menu. Changing it from standard to enhanced fixed the issue for me. It was reflected immediately, I did not need to restart, although I would imagine that with some TVs you may still need to restart.

TV HDMI Signal 4k HDR
TV HDMI Signal 4k HDR

After changing the setting on my tv to allow for 4k the PS4 stopped displaying the error about “Only 2k Supported”.

PS4 Pro 4K Supported
PS4 Pro 4K Supported

Check For HDMI Premium

This shouldn’t be an issue as the HDMI that comes with the PS4 Pro is ready for 4k, but if you happened to have used an old cable that was already there, try using the one that came with the PS4 Pro. Not all cables are the same as some will not support 4k and this could be the cause of the issue.


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