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In Her Mothers Footsteps Quest Guide

You will pick up this quest early on in the game from a guy who claims to have hurt himself, but he looks suspiciously like he is just chilling out. He will tell you that his daughter is missing and asks you to go find her. Not the most exciting quest, but you really need to do it. The reward you get will result in a significant damage increase for your spear.

Follow the quest and eventually you will hear the sound of some woman screaming. It is annoying as hell, but you will find her and see she has been surrounded by machines. Kill them all and she will tell you that her mothers spear has gone walkies. Use your focus to look around the area, you will find that it was stolen by a man (typical 😀 ). Follow the trail for quite a while. Press r1 to track it outside of the focus scan. You will eventually come to a place where you see a scrapper on a ridge. Go kill him to get the spear.

Once you have the spear, make your way back to your 2 new friends for 1000xp and a spear damage increase.


  • 1000 XP
  • +1 Spear Damage Boost