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Hunting Grounds

The hunting grounds are areas of the game where you face timed challenges to complete a certain task. For example, remove X Canisters from Grazers. You will then have a time limit, the faster you do it the better reward you receive. They are all fairly easy to understand, but not all are easy to pull off.

The hunting grounds might seem a bit lame at first, but I actually found these to be quite fun and my god do you get some serious XP as a reward for them. Getting the best score in a challenge will get you a snazzy 7500xp along with some nice reward chests. When you decide to do them is up to you. Most have a level associated with them, so you will have to take them as they come.

How To Accept A Hunting Ground Trial

Weirdly, this wasn’t all that obvious to me. When you speak with the person who is running the hunting ground, there will be a few different challenges available. Select one and he/she will explain the requirements. You can then ask about another or you can accept the challenge. To do this, you need to select the conversation option to accept the challenge. Once you do this you are good to go. Usually there will be a nearby merchant to get supplies from and then you can slide a rope or whatever for the timer to begin.