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Cauldrons Walkthrough

Before you get any ideas, these are nothing to do with witches and spells. Cauldrons in Horizon Zero Dawn are ancient structures. Minor spoilers ahead*. The cauldrons are where the robots are created. There are 4 in total to find and each one will give you enhanced abilities to override machines. Typically each cauldron will also contain some interesting story that will reveal further information about the ancient people that are responsible for everything you see in the game.

Below is a list of all of the cauldrons in Horizon Zero Dawn and where to find them.

Cauldron SIGMA Walkthrough

This is the first cauldron you will encounter and will likely spark your interest in the ancients.

SIGMA Overrides Unlocked:

  • Sawtooth
  • Scrapper
  • Grazer
  • Lancehorn

Cauldron RHO Walkthrough

  • Recommended Level: 12+
  • Rewards: 6000 XP, 1 Skill point

RHO Overrides Unlocked:

  • Trampler
  • Shell-Walker
  • Snapmaw
  • Longleg
  • Ravager

Cauldron XI Walkthrough

  • Recommended Level: 18
  • Rewards: 8000 XP

Overrides Unlocked:

  • Glinthawk
  • Freeze Bellowback
  • Stalker
  • Behemoth
  • Fire Bellowback

Cauldron Zeta Walkthrough

Recommended Level: 20+
Rewards: 10000 XP, 1 Skill Point

Overrides Unlocked:

  • Stormbird
  • Thunderjaw
  • Rockbreaker