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Hunting Animals

This is a part of the game that some people find difficult. Not in terms of gameplay, but simply feeling bad for those poor digital animals. For those like myself, that often feel bad killing Pigs in Minecraft, you will have to get over it. Hunting animals is an important part of character progression in this game.

Hunting animals is never really presented as being a core part of the game, but you will quickly learn when it comes to inventory upgrades. Aloy can carry a limited number of items in Horizon Zero Dawn. Once the limit is hit, you can’t gather any more items. To get over this you will need to upgrade your inventory. To do this you will need animal parts. The first upgrades are usually simple, but after that you will need bones and skin from various animals to increase the carry capacity. If you don’t kill animals you wont be able to get those upgrades.

Best Way To Hunt Animals

Hunting animals is pretty easy when you are using the correct approach. Animals are small and often a dark color. They blend in quite well and often hide under plants and tall grass. When you do spot them, they have usually spotted you long in advance. This is why you need to be sneaky!

The first step is to use your focus. Click the right analog stick (R3) to enable it. This will show you a blue/red hologram of all moving things in your area. You can spot the animals that are near you using this. Once you have your sights on one, use your bow to take them out. Boars often take a few shots. If you use a fire arrow it will kill them in 1 go after they run away on fire for a few seconds.

There is a skill you can obtain for your bow that will allow you to slow down time. I would suggest buying this in general as it is good for everything. One such use is for hunting animals. Slowing down time lets you get an accurate shot on those poor innocent animals that you are slaying.