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Character Progression

Horizon Zero Dawn contains a fairly standard character progression system that allows Aloy to become stronger and more powerful based on your experiences. Killing things and completing quests are the main way to gain experience points that will allow you to level up.

Leveling Up

In the top right corner of the screen you will see there is a green/gray colored bar. When you kill something or complete a quest a small or maybe large piece of this bar will go white. This is your level progression. When the bar is full, you will level up.

Best Ways To Earn XP

Earning XP is actually quite easy in this game. As a general rule, you should be trying to kill every animal you come across. They all provide valuable materials that you will need when upgrading your inventory capacity. Depending on the animal size you will get some XP. Here are the 3 main ways to earn experience points.

  • Kill wild animals
  • Kill enemies
  • Complete quests

Skill Points

I have gone into better detail in the sub category for skill points. These are valuable points that you will need to use carefully. Each time you level up you get a point and often you can get them for completing quests too. See the sub category for skill points for more information.