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Collectibles Guide

Assassins Creed Syndicate

In each district of London there are multiple types of collectibles that you can search for around the area. Some of them can be found by purchasing maps and others you will need to locate on your own. Here are all of the collectibles that are found in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.

  • Gold Chests – These are locked chests that usually contain some item of clothing, schematic or weapon related item. They can be identified by a gold colored chest icon on the map.
  • Helix Glitches – These can be quite tricky to obtain as they can be located in odd locations. They are easy to identify as they look completely out of place as floating orbs that glow. They can be identified by a double arrow icon on the map.
  • Beer Bottles – These are often located inside bars around the city. They can be identified by a bottle on the map.
  • Chests – These are large trunks hidden all over the city. They contain money and supplies. They can be identified by the stacked cube icon on the map.
  • Pressed Flowers – These are books that contain flowers. They are usually located in gardens or places where there is some green garden. They can be identified by a flower icon on the map.
  • Illustrations – These are posters that are found on walls and more typically in alley ways. They can be identified by a paper icon on the map.
  • Secrets Of London – I found these to be the most difficult collectibles to find in this game. They are found in fairly random places and are identified by the camera icon on the map.

The video guides below will show the locations of each collectible in each region of London.





The Thames

World War 1

City Of London

The Strand


Royal Correspondence