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How Do You Get Legendary Weapons?


Legendary weapons are the coveted weapon type that are common across all RPG games. In Alienation, legendary weapons are identified by being a gold/orange color. Legendary weapons are of course the most powerful types of weapons you can get in the game. If you are unsure how the weapons work, check out the Alienation weapon overview.

The big question you are going to ask is how do you get legendary weapons? The answer is not very easily! They are a very rare drop in general. I couldn’t even get a picture of one! Maybe i just suck at this game. There are some things you can do to increase the drop rate of these weapons.

Difficulty Level

The difficulty at which you play this game will determine the drop rate of legendary weapons. Play the game on the hardest difficulty and the drop rate of legendary weapons will increase. Playing on veteran really isn’t that hard so it is worth it in the long run to just get the hang of playing on this difficulty as it will give you the highest possible chance of obtaining legendary weapons.

Destroy Respawners

If you look on the minimap, you will see that there are green triangles in some locations. If you go to these you will see that they are respawn beacons. When you activate one, you will respawn here when you die. However, if you shoot one before you activate it , it will blow up. Once blown up it will increase the drop rate of legendary weapons. The bonus can be staked 3 times by destroying 3 separate respawners. The bonus will be reset if you die or when you finish the level.