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Alienation Tank

The tank character class is the largest and strongest of all of the classes in Alienation. The tank is visibly larger, has more health and can take on a lot more enemies at close range when compared to the other classes in the game. For those familiar with any RPG games, the tank in Alienation, serves a similar purpose to a tank in a raid. All enemy aggression is best targeted toward the tank. While the tank is fighting off the enemies, the other player classes are able to use high powered attacks to pick off the enemies from a distance where it is safer.

Best Weapons For The Tank

This is an important one to take note of. Not all weapons suit the tank, even though he can equip them. Of course, the choice of weapon also heavily depends on the mission. See the guide section for weapons, this will give you a better overview of the basics of weapons in Alienation. In my opinion the best weapons for the tank are as follows.

  • Primary weapon : SMG
  • Secondary Weapon : Shotgun
  • Heavy Weapon : Minigun

Tank Abilities

Alienation Tank Abilities
Alienation Tank Abilities
  • Tesla Charge – This ability will charge your main weapon allowing you to deal 2-3 high powered shots. It can be useful for high powered enemies, but overall it isnt the best of the tanks abilities. Ideally you want to be able to deal with a large area of enemies rather than a focused line of enemies.
  • Shield – As a shield, this ability is cool. It will apply to all other players near you. Once activated it will put a shield in front of each player to block attacks. When upgraded it can also reflect enemy bullets. For me, the value of this came in one of the upgrades that will cause the players to be healed when the shield is active.
  • Ground Smash – I love area of effect attacks, this was my favorite. The base ability will just perform a ground smash that damages all nearby enemies. Once upgraded it will become an electric charge that will cause lots of damage to nearby enemies.