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The saboteur is sort of a mix between the tank and the bio specialist in terms of how you use the character. The saboteur can do a lot of damage at close range, but it is not as strong as the tank. This means you need to be sneaky. Thankfully, the abilities work in your favor for this play style. If this were a fantasy RPG, I would describe the Saboteur as a rogue. Good at doing damage, but can’t take too much.

Saboteur Abilities

Saboteur Abilities
Saboteur Abilities
  • Plasma Sword – The plasma sword ability works a bit like the tanks Tesla Charge, except it powers the melee attack instead of the ranged. When activated this ability will cause your next melee attacks to do a massive amount of damage.
  • Artillery Strike – For me this was the stand out winner when it comes to the abilities. This will trigger an incredibly powerful artillery strike to rain missiles down on all nearby enemies. It will lock on to enemies, but each explosion does splash damage to hurt other, nearby enemies.
  • Camouflage – This ability will allow you to turn invisible for a period of time allowing you to sneak past, or run away from enemies. I didn’t see the use for this one all that much. When you get swarmed, you are usually dead by the time you can enable the camouflage.