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Bio Specialist


The Bio Specialist class was my favorite class in Alienation. The character type is quite weak and has low amounts of health, but you can do a lot of damage. The Bio Specialist has some fantastic abilities for doing big damage.

The best way to use the Bio Specialist is at range. Since you have a low amount of health, you can’t survive being swarmed. This is why you need to stay back and do damage from a distance. The Xenorifle is great for this.

Bio Specialist Abilities

Bio Specialist Abilities
Bio Specialist Abilities
  • Poison Cloud – This is a tricky ability to upgrade. In it’s base form, it isn’t too good, but when fully upgraded it does a lot of damage over a wide area. Since the other abilities are also good, it is a gamble on which one you focus on.
  • Healing – This does what it says on the tin. It will heal you and all other players around you. Really valuable to have this one.
  • Wraths – This is where is spent all my points. This ability is really good and does a lot of damage. It will release swarms of robots that take down all nearby enemies. Unlike the poison cloud, this will chase after enemies.

It is unfortunate that you cant upgrade all abilities in Alienation, a fully upgraded Bio Specialist would be unstoppable. You will need to make the decision between the poison cloud or wraths. Both are powerful and have their uses. It is up to your play style to pick which you like best.