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Character Classes

Alienation allows you to choose from 3 distinct classes, all with unique perks and abilities. The classes seem to be quite well balanced in that it prevents one particular type from being better than the other. Learning how to use each class is the key to being able to survive the alien hordes. Acting like a tank while playing as the bio specialist will usually result in a lot of deaths.

Character Abilities

Each character class has a different set of primary/active abilities. They all share the same passive abilities. I will explain the passive abilities here and the active abilities in each of the character pages below.

Alienation Tank Abilities
Alienation Tank Abilities
  • Kinetic Assault – Gives your melee attack a lot more punch with the ability to upgrade to provide enemy knockdown/stun and also to increase the arc/range of each swing of the attack.
  • Power Punch – This one suits the saboteur and bio specialist. When you use the rush ability, you can press the melee button to perform a power punch that can to an incredible amount of damage to large groups of enemies.
  • Quick Recovery – Ideally, you shouldn’t need to rely on this too much if you are not a tank. When you are the tank, this is an essential ability to have. It will help with the recovery of health and increase health. More importantly it will allow you to skip death when your health reaches 0 once you have purchased the higher tier upgrades.

Below are the 3 different character classes in Alienation. I will go into detail on each class along with the best strategies for surviving and leveling up that particular character class.