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Alienation Game Guide


Alienation is a fantastic top down shooter that takes you into an altered sci fi future where the world has been invaded by aliens. You must now take control of a powerful solder and start kicking some ass. Teaming up with friends is what makes this game really addictive. You can team up with 3 other players in a single game to bring the alien ass kicking to the next level!

The game isn’t over complicated in regard to the story, but I have put together a guide for the game that will go over the basics and all of the core concepts that should help you get to the top of the alien ass kicking as soon as possible.

Alienation contains a cheap season pass that gives you a huge amount of really valuable. I will write any guides and stuff with the assumption that you do not have the DLC, but I would suggest buying it if you can afford it. Some of the weapons that you get from the season pass are fantastic. When you purchase the season pass, make sure to download the individual components separately, they do not automatically download and activate when you purchase the season pass.

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