Finding Xur - What Is Xur Selling This Week

Xur is a traveling vendor who is shrouded in mystery. He appears once a week in random locations on the map, which often means you have to do some searching to figure out where he is each week in order to see what Xur is selling.

Each week, Xur will sell a series of different exotic gear that is often highly sought after. If you have some exotic ciphers that you need to hand in, you will need to figure out where he is. He has a rather large catalog of items that can be sold, so you have to check each week to get the item you are looking for.

Xur will appear every Friday and will be gone by the end of the weekend. If you have ciphers, it is not possible to hand them in during the week, you must wait until Friday. If you want to know what Xur is selling this week, check out the tool below. If Xur is around, you can see what he is currently selling and where to find Xur.

Xur's Current Location

This week, you can find Xur at The Watchers Grave on Nessus he will be here for the weekend. The video below will show you exactly where to find him and all of the items he is selling can be found below.

Xur is currently in The Watchers Grave on Nessus

The watchers grave is quite close to a spawn point on Nessus. When you spawn, you will see a large tree ahead of you. Head over to this tree and climb up onto the branches. You will find Xur hanging out up here.

What Exotics Is Xur Selling This Week

Each week, Xur will sell some random exotic items. This is what he is selling this week.

Exotic Engram

An engram with a predestined outcome. Contains a new Exotic if any of the possible rewards remain to be collected. Preview contents for possible rewards.

The Queenbreaker

Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle


Exotic Hand Cannon

Dead Man's Tale

Exotic Scout Rifle

Shinobu's Vow

Exotic Gauntlets

Actium War Rig

Exotic Chest Armor

Verity's Brow

Exotic Helmet

How To Find Xur On EDZ

Xur is a little more tricky to find at winding cove. You will need to do a little platforming to get up to a crashed ship on the cliff edge. There is a cave opening that will also bring you up but the entrance is difficult to see. You would be faster climbing the cliff edge.

where to find xur in edz
You can see the purple colour light in the distance from a crashed ship on the hill. This is where you will find Xur.
xur location in the EDZ
The player marker on the map shows you where to find Xur in the EDZ

How To Find Xur On Nessus

Xur will spawn on top of a large tree at the watcher’s grave in Nessus. You will need to do some careful platforming to get to the top of the tree. The video guide below will show you his exact location.

How To Find Xur In The Tower Hangar

This is one of the most convenient locations where Xur can spawn each week. No hostile enemies and since the tower is somewhere most people visit each day, making your way to Xur is very easy.

xur location in tower hangar
The circle cursor marks where to find Xur in the tower hangar.

To get to Xur, make your way to the hangar, on the right side of the map. Xur can be found to the left side of the hangar up a set of metal steps that overhang the mountains to the side. The video guide below will show you his exact location.