Legion Lost – 15

Legion Lost – 15
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Your findings have been immortalized in the Book of the Forgotten!


Aboutu2026 13.2 kilograms, Cryptarch Yareli read from the scales.

Eido wrung both sets of hands uncomfortably. The laboratory walls were lined with hundreds of canopic jars, filled with preserved organs and appendages. She recognized many of them as Eliksni.

Is thatu2026 heavy? Eido inquired.

The Cryptarch arched an eyebrow at her. Quite heavy for confetti. You say the Headless Ones emit a shower of this material upon death?

They do, Eido replied, along with an edible the Guardians call 'candy.' She tried unsuccessfully to keep the disgust from her tone.

The Cryptarch shook his head in disbelief. Aside from its density, which is incredible, this confetti is identical to the stuff Humans used during pre-Dark Age celebrations.

Eido's eye's twinkled with inspiration. Celebrations likeu2026 the Hall Between!