Legion Lost – 14

Legion Lost – 14
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Your findings have been immortalized in the Book of the Forgotten!


Thank you for speaking with me, Eido said cheerfully. The Psion bowed its head, and Eido did the same.

I've conducted an interview with Empress Caiatl already. But I am hoping that you could further illuminate the subject.

Eido felt a soft, blooming sensation in the forefront of her mind. Gracious acquiescence.

I am searching for information about the Headless Ones, andu2014

The thought of a creature without a head sent up a spike of adrenaline, a flash of sickening terror that burst in Eido's mind so violently that she jumped. The Psion's own thoughts only compounded its fear. Eido's eyes widened.

Oh, I'mu2014

Screaming. Purple flames pouring from empty eyes.

I'm so sorry, Iu2014

Screaming. A burst of confetti.

I didn't mean tou2014

Screaming. Candy. Candy everywhere.

To upset you.