Findings of Eido – 26

Findings of Eido – 26
Findings of Eido – 26 image
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Your findings have been immortalized in the Book of the Forgotten!


You really think that Humans created the Headless Ones? Glint tilted his shell flaps obstinately.

Yes. I hypothesize that they were created as part of an ancient Human ritual, Eido replied, oblivious to the Ghost's indignation. u2026called the Hall Between.

Glint tilted incredulously. A hall betweenu2026 what?

The realms of the living and dead, Eido reasoned. To which the ancient 'pumpkins' were key.

Glint's shell flaps went slack in confusion.

So, while I appreciate your discovery of the Headless Ones, Eido continued, I cannot support your conclusions regarding their origins.

Or their clearly inaccurate names, Eido added.

But, but I likeu2014 Glint sputtered.

I must reiterate that they do, in fact, have heads, Eido insisted in exasperation. It's their defining feature.