Dimensional Hypotrochoid

Dimensional Hypotrochoid
Dimensional Hypotrochoid image
  • Damage TypeStasis
  • Item TypeGrenade Launcher
  • CategoryLegendary Grenade Launcher
  • RarityLegendary

What is this junk from, that old moon base? What do you mean, 'just refurbish it'?! u2014Exodus Indigo Quartermaster

Perk Socket

Compressed Wave Frame perkCompressed Wave Frame - Common Intrinsic

Projectiles release a wave of compressed energy when they contact the ground.

Stasis Damage Stasis Damage - This deals Stasis damage.

How To Get Dimensional Hypotrochoid

Source: Lightfall Campaign

The official source of this item is that it is obtained from 'Source: Lightfall Campaign'. Depending on the current season and the availablity of characters, this may no longer be the case. Items that were exclusive to an event or season are typically available to purchase via Ada 1 or the Gunsmith. Each day, random inventory will be available.