Destination Resource Bundle

Destination Resource Bundle
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Contains a large quantity of planetary resources that can be used to purchase valuable items such as Upgrade Modules and Enhancement Cores or exchanged with destination vendors for gear.

Items Available From Destination Resource Bundle

The following collection of items can all be obtained from visiting Destination Resource Bundle

Glacial Starwort image Glacial Starwort

A remnant of the Eventide Colony on Europa.nnCan be exchanged for other resources.

Helium Filaments image Helium Filaments

Material salvaged on the Moon.

Baryon Bough image Baryon Bough

A species of diffusuceae prized by the Awoken for its many uses.nnTake this to Petra Venj to discover its value.

Spinmetal Leaves image Spinmetal Leaves

Material salvaged in the Cosmodrome.

Microphasic Datalattice image Microphasic Datalattice

Encrypted data inaccessible in an unknown hybrid state of matter-energy.nnBring this to Failsafe in the Exodus Black on Nessus to discover its value.

Dusklight Shard image Dusklight Shard

The presence of the Traveler's Shard in the EDZ has changed this rock on a molecular level.nnTake this to Devrim Kay in Trostland to discover its value.

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