Cadmus Ridge Lancecap

Cadmus Ridge Lancecap
Cadmus Ridge Lancecap image
  • Class TypeTitan
  • Item TypeHelmet
  • CategoryExotic Helmet
  • RarityExotic

I used to feel cold. Now I don't feel anything.

Perk Socket

Lancer's Vigil perkLancer's Vigil - Exotic Intrinsic

Diamond Lances create Stasis crystals on impact when thrown, with more crystals created by hitting bosses and vehicles. While using a Stasis subclass and behind your rally barricade, rapid precision hits and combatant final blows with a Stasis weapon creates a Diamond Lance near you.

How To Get Cadmus Ridge Lancecap

Source: Solo Legend and Master Lost Sectors

The official source of this item is that it is obtained from 'Source: Solo Legend and Master Lost Sectors'. Depending on the current season and the availablity of characters, this may no longer be the case. Items that were exclusive to an event or season are typically available to purchase via Ada 1 or the Gunsmith. Each day, random inventory will be available.


Keep it secret. Keep it safe.